Dr. med. Elisabeth Aust-Claus

Team 2 - Dr. med. Elisabeth Aust-Claus

is a specialist in paediatrics and adolescent medicine and has been caring for children with neurological diseases and psychiatric disorders in the interdisciplinary paediatric neurological/neurological-psychiatric practice since 1991.

Developmental Issues. Her main areas of expertise are: Children with perceptual disorders, coordination disorders, headaches, attention disorders (ADD/ADHD), partial performance disorders (dyslexia, dyscalculia) and giftedness. She is the author of many books and audiovisual productions on learning and ADD/ADHD. In 1998 she founded the OptiMind Institute in Wiesbaden to make neuropsychological knowledge about ADD/ADHD and other learning disorders transparent. In a team with other specialists from the fields of psychology/psychotherapy, pedagogy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, remedial education and learning therapy, she develops solution strategies, communicates these to parents (parent training) and trains specialists and teachers on these topics. You can find more information about the OptiMind Institute at www.opti-mind.de.

  • Study of Medicine in Münster, State examination and doctorate 1983
  • Training as a specialist in pediatric and adolescent medicine at the Pediatric Clinic of the ZKH
    "Links der Weser" in Bremen at the paediatric clinic of Ludwigsburg Hospital
  • Additional term "allergology"
  • Pediatric Neurological Center in Mainz with Prof. Dr. Pechstein 1988-1991
  • Continuing education in "centered conversation to Rogers"
  • Continuing education of "systemic family counselling and family therapy" in the Psychoth. Centre in Stuttgart 1986 – 1989
  • Since 1990 established as a specialist for children's and adolescent medicine in its own practice