School performance tests

  • DRT 1-4 - Diagnostic Spelling Tests for 1st-4th Grades
  • WRT 4/5, 6+ - Westermann spelling tests for 4th - 7th grades
  • HSP 1-9 - The Hamburger Schreib-Probe (Hamburg Spelling Test) is used to assess the spelling skills of pupils in primary and lower secondary school.
  • RST-ARR Spelling Test - Current spelling rules for people from 14 to 60 years of age
  • RT Spelling Test - Diagnosis of the spelling performance of adolescents and adults aged 15 to 30 years
  • ELFE - Standardized reading comprehension test that can be used in the first six grades of school.
  • Zurich reading test 1st to 8th grade - diagnostics and progress monitoring of reading disorders, derivation of support recommendations
  • ZAREKI test procedure for dyscalculia in primary school children
    Provides qualitative and quantitative insights into essential aspects of number processing and arithmetic in primary school children, which at the same time provide indications for more in-depth exploratory diagnostics and for differential support services in teaching and therapy.
  • BADYS 1-4 - Bamberg Dyscalculia Diagnostics
    Individual test procedure for the diagnosis of dyscalculia and dyscalculia in primary school, applicable from the end of grade 1 to the end of the first semester of grade 5.