Determination of school maturity and aptitude diagnostics

You will be reminded of this topic at the latest when a letter from the responsible primary school or the health office flutters into your house and your child is invited to the school examination. "Determination of school readiness and giftedness diagnostics". More

Read-spelling disorder (LRS), dyslexia

Markus is now in the fourth grade and would be happy if he could finally do magic and didn't have to write dictations all the time. Despite many tutoring sessions and repeated copying of the incorrect words in the dictation, his grade in German is not getting any better. He can write great essays. Unfortunately, these are also only graded with a weak "4" because of the spelling mistakes. It's a runaway. "Reading and spelling disorder (LRS), dyslexia" More

Concentration and school performance problems

The topics "school - learning - ability to concentrate" are an integral part of a paediatrician's practice. Is the reason for frequent headaches, stomach aches and behavioural problems a functional disorder of the brain, education or school requirements? We try to clarify such and similar questions by means of a neurological examination, developmental examinations and neuropsychological testing, as well as in joint discussions with parents and children. "Concentration and school performance problems" More