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For more than 30 years, our special focus has been the diagnosis and therapy of ADD/ADHD in children, adolescents and adults. Not every person who is unfocused has to have AD(H)S. Other reasons may be the cause. This Distinction to meet requires a lot of experience and is our daily challenge.

AD(h)D (Aufmerksamkeits- Deficit-(hyperactivity)-Dyndrome) is a neurobiological conditional, i.e. congenital disorder of information and perceptual processing. It can cause impairments in behavior, learning and development. It is the most common behavioral and developmental disorder in childhood and adolescence and, if untreated, persists in about 50% of affected individuals in adulthood.

Children+ AD(H)S - the beginning
AD(H)S is not a catastrophe. You can treat AD(H)S treat successfully - provided you know about AD(H)S. The biggest problem for people with AD(H)S - especially children - is that those around them often still know far too little about it. That's why children with AD(H)S are often misunderstood. The people who are with them every day do not respond to them properly - simply because they do not know any better.

Adolescents + AD(H)S and the self-worth
If a pronounced AD(H)S is not recognized in childhood, the symptomatology overlaps with the pubertal development and causes great "unrest" in family life or/and often leads to a drop in performance at school. The first sign is an early beginning Self-esteem disorder, often the beginning "social anxiety(social phobia). This leads to avoidance of presentations and poor oral participation for fear of "embarrassing" oneself in front of others.

Adults + AD(H)S and the comorbidities
Even later in adulthood, so-called "emotional" or "affective" disorders, i.e. disorders of the emotional world, occur in 50% of those affected. These recurrent depressive episodes or Anxiety/Panic Disorders is then called "Comorbidities.

The comorbid diseases cover and conceal with your symptoms the still existing AD(H)S and complicate a successful therapy - I call it the "iceberg phenomenon". People affected by this tell me about many unsuccessful drug treatments with depressants, unsuccessful psychotherapies or inpatient stays.

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